Express your Jewish Solidarity

Connections Israel, in conjunction with other organizations, is proud to announce a worldwide Jewish Student Art Competition. The theme for this competition is:
 Jewish Solidarity

* What is your vision of Jewish Solidarity?
* How is Jewish Solidarity doing in the 21st century?
* If given the chance, how would you work towards Jewish Solidarity?

These are just a few of the questions you might ask yourself as you creatively express your vision, thoughts, dreams and concerns on this topic.

Guidelines for Participation:
This competition is open to Jewish students in high school and above. Entries can be in the form of a painting, drawing, photograph, sculpture or poem. All entries must be received by us not later than November 24, 2008. The following information should be sent by individuals or schools to:

* Digital photo of the project
* Brief description of the entry, including it dimensions, materials used and message
* Background of the work and explanation of the project
* Artist’s name, age, address, telephone number, email, and name of school

Panel of Judges:
All qualifying entries will be judged by a panel of experts headed by Michal Shamir, the Dean of the Fine Arts Department of Sapir College. The top 20 entries will be brought to Israel and exhibited at the Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition scheduled to open in the city of Sderot * in January 2009 before touring around the country.

There are two separate competitions that will be showcased in a joint exhibition.
Jewish high school schools are eligible to enter the competition for this age group.
A separate competition is open to post high school students aged 18-26.

The top three finalists will receive meaningful prizes, with the grand prize being 2 roundtrip tickets to Israel!

The Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition is an outgrowth of Connections Israel’s efforts to raise the awareness and sensitivity of Jews around the world to their brothers and sisters in Israel. This forum provides young Jews with the opportunity of creatively expressing their innermost concerns, hopes and dreams as they focus on the concept of Jewish Solidarity. We hope that the reflection, thinking and planning that goes into making these art projects will propel our youth toward building meaningful relationships with other Jews worldwide.

*Sderot, a city in the northwest corner of the Negev, has been under terrorist missile attack for more than seven years. These attacks have sent the members of the 10,000 families who reside there into shelters on a regular basis, with stress levels reaching indescribable heights. These conditions have made life unbearable in numerous ways. To give the children a respite from this reality, many youngsters were sent to summer camps many miles away from the region with some traveling to Europe, the United States and Canada this year. In addition to the emotional and physical toll, the region has also suffered economically as a result of fewer people venturing out of their homes and decreased tourism. Opening the exhibit specifically in Sderot is part of the plan to boost morale and bring attention to the plight of Sderot residents.

For more information regarding Connections Israel and the Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition, please contact us.

Download the detailed program.

hagshama Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition

ots Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition

evo Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition

sochnut Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition

 Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition

wzo Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition

 Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition

koach kallah Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition

 Jewish Solidarity Art Exhibition