soldiers4 Purim Operation for the IDF

The Jewish world unites in agreement about the importance of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces)

Educating the next generation of Diaspora Jews about Israeli Soldiers strengthens the connections between Jews in the Diaspora and Jews in the state of Israel. It creates an emotional bond and a responsibility that often contributes to decisions such as aliyah, supporting the state of Israel and overall pride in yourself oneself and one’s fellow Jews.

Our educational programs are designed for 3 age groups:

  • Grades 1-4
  • Grades 5-8
  • Grades 9-12

The programs includes discussions, movies, and a call to action regarding the relationship between the individual / group and the fighting Israeli soldier.

The call to action is usually done by having the children write letters or draw pictures to the soldiers. Then, the children create a fundraising event to sponsor holiday gift baskets ($18 each) that are sent to the soldiers.

Each soldier receives a gift basket with a personal letter , picture and message of thanks for their efforts on behalf of our people. In turn your school will receive a large picture of the unit where your gifts and letters were sent as well as a letter of commendation from a high ranking official.

Connections Israel” has assisted over 300 Schools and communities in personalizing their own Adopt a Soldier program and we have set set a goal of implementing such a program in every Jewish school. Help us meet this goal !

Contact us and we’ll send you programming activities or customize a project especially for your school !!!

Examples of Educational lessons:

Module – IDF – A Source of Pride to the Jewish People

Module – IDF soldiers – Up Close and Personal

Module – The IDF and You

Module -The Morality of the IDF

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