Library dedication on an IDF base

Learning is a lifelong process. As the People of the Book, we have a unique appreciation for the wisdom available to us by simply reaching for a book. And when we reach for books on Jewish philosophy, religious texts of all kinds and modern day responsa, we not only become better informed, but we also have the opportunity to connect to our roots.

We are all accustomed to visiting the local library and selecting the books of our choice. Many of us have also been privileged with learning in a Jewish setting, be it formal or informal, where the choice of books is also limitless. Most of us have had those transcendental moments of being carried to a different time and space with the aid of a book and/or a study partner.

Many of our soldiers are living on bases where such resources are not available. While they can listen to music on their ipods, the thrill of gaining a new insight by studying a text and recognizing that the challenges and questions they are facing have been faced by others before them is simply not an option. On the other hand, soldiers who serve on bases with libraries have told us about the pleasure they achieve when they can spend some of their free time reading and learning. This has become a place of the meeting of the minds. Soldiers from every background explore concepts and ideas together, sometimes guided by a visiting rabbi, sometimes in pairs or small groups that form spontaneously. In addition to personal gain, this increases mutual respect and strengthens the bond between chayalim – a critical component of army life.

Joel Geliebter and family Library dedication on an IDF base

Our IDF liaison has informed us that there are still eight bases in his region without libraries. It is our hope, that you will partner with us to build and stock these IDF libraries.

Books can be purchased individually and/or entire libraries can be donated. Each donation can be made in honor of or in memory of someone, and library naming opportunities,  complete with a reception are also available.

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For more information, please contact us, and check out our last library dedication.